On March 5, 2016 Tanzanian beauty

The 20-year-old beauty was also a stunner on the red carpet. Her pink gown was mesmerizing which complimented her sexy figure. Even our own

Last year she was ranked the most beautiful African actress by Answers Africa. Several other sites place her in the top ten list of the beautiful actresses in Africa.

Elizabeth Michael was given a hero's welcome she got back home. At the airport she was greeted by fans who totally adore her. Today she is a star in her home country. This was not however the case in 2012 when she was embroiled in a high profile case that shocked Tanzania and the whole Africa.

In January, 2016 Nigerian rising pop star Tekno, 23, was attacked by Tanzanians on Instagram for his association with the sexy actress Elizabeth Michael. Tekno was in Tanzania for a performance but got entangled in  a messy situation. Thousands of Tanzanians wrote 'Rest In Peace' under his comment sections. The onslaught was too much that Tekno had to release a statement about it and deleted all the pictures from his Instagram account.

Why was 'R.I.P' or 'Rest In Peace' written all over the 'Duro' singer's  Instagram? We have to go back four years to find out the reason.

Steven Charles Kanumba was once Tanzania's hottest actors and one of the biggest actors in Africa. His good looks and acting skills made him a bona fide star, and even Nollywood had to recognize his talent. He starred in a bunch of Nigerian movies, and on the Africa Magic station reserved for African films Steven Charles Kanumba monopolized it.

Steven had his whole life ahead of him, and it was more than likely that at the rate at which he was going he would have been one of Africa's greatest movie stars. As at 2012 he had appeared in 41 movies and was getting ready for his debut Hollywood role.

Life had other plans. On April 7, 2012 Steven Charles Kanumba died which sent Tanzania and Africa into a deep state of mourining. The actor who died from a brain concussion had 20,000 people attend his funeral. Other sources estimate it to be 30,000. Suddenly without any notice or warning Tanzania's movie idol was dead and gone.

At the centre of his death was his 17-year-old girlfriend called...Elizabeth 'Lulu' Michael. According to reports, Steven Charles Kanumba was found dead in his bedroom after he took a blow to his head.

The two lovers had gotten into a fight, and according to the actress she pushed Steven in a bid to defend herself. The actor then fell and hit his head. She was taken into custody after his death and charged with murder.

The Citizen an online news site in Tanzania reported that hours before his death Lulu went to Steven Charles Kanumba's home and into his bedroom to see him. The actor's brother Mr. Seth Bosco heard the two lovers arguing in the bedroom.

The basis of the argument was about Lulu picking up a call from another man in the presence of Steven according to his brother. After a while Lulu came out to inform Mr. Bosco that Steven Charles Kanumba had fallen. Seth entered the room to see his brother lying down. He quickly called the movie star's private doctor who pronounced him dead.

Elizabeth 'Lulu' Michael was charged with murder in April 2012 and was remanded in prison for seven months. The charges were later changed to manslaughter in 2013. A Tanzanian High Court released her on bail shortly after.

In February 2014, Elizabeth Michael stated that she had nothing to do with the actor's death. "I admit that we had a quarrel on that night but I deny causing his death" she said in court.

Despite what has happened to her in the last few years Elizabeth 'Lulu' Michael is one of the hottest actresses today in Africa which is a great feat.