Denrele Edun has spoken about his fall at Tres Bien Events recently in the city of Port-Harcourt.

The video of his fall went viral for a couple of days on the Nigerian space of the Internet.

The eccentric VJ wrote about the incident in a new Instagram post; "Right after the most-buzzed-about-forward-slash-most-reposted-DENRELE-FALL, I had to strut back on the runway in FLAT SHOES!. Since I can't concentrate in FLATS...I had to walk the walk, f**k d pains and strut my talk! It was a walk to deafening applause! B**ch is bad like dat!"

"Y'al thot the "DENRELE FALL" wud knock my hustle out? 'Em flat shoes ain't my portion! I returned onto the Runway almost immediately in 8-inch-pain-staking-Louboutin-stilettos! Again...Your life is a runway...walk your true walk. No one can do it better than you being the real YOU! #MakeItWerk I BROKE NO BONES but I sure as heck BROKE THE FRIGGING INTERNET!" he further wrote.

Yesterday (October 1), Denrele Edun spoke about his rumoured marriage. "I wouldn’t necessarily say wedding rumors because I was talking to someone and it was a conversation on wedding and I was said for my wedding, my wife’s dress will be short, we will not spend plenty money on elaborate material and my own suit will be long and very dramatic. I was just saying I wouldn’t want the media to know who I am getting married to so that they won’t just wahala the girl for me" he said.

"We will use veil to cover her face till the wedding is over, anyone that wants to see her will pay money. It was just one of those talks. And everybody started talking Denrele is getting married. People in my life started saying, ‘you are getting married and you didn’t tell me.’ I still deal with the wedding story every day. I am definitely going to get married. I wanted to even marry this year. At a point the media blew it out of proportion and I was just hoping the girl I was going to marry would not wake up one morning and say ‘’wait o na me wan marry this guy way dey wear high heel carry hair for head?” She go think am twice. I just hope she is not thinking about it” he further said.