The OBO singer also teased us with a snippet.

But what caught the attention of many, was the outfit the young man wore in the video.

An 'Instagram busybody' discovered that Davido posted a picture of himself rocking a similar t-shirt on the 2nd of January, 2015 ( 65 weeks ago ), leading to speculations that Davido might be overloading the boy with his old tees.

Or it could just be the singer bought the same type of outfit for him because it looked cool.....

Anyways, check out fans reactions below:

Yesterday, April 6, 2016, Davido also revealed he is tired of all the people who come to his gate every morning, asking for help.

The OBO crooner took to Snapchat to express his disapproval saying, “I need to move, my house don cast.”

From the photo you can see people holding up placards in front of his gate.