The Governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike has alleged that there is a negative plot by the

Wike said “The fact that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) can successfully conduct elections in Sambisa forest, but not in Rivers State is an indication of the negative plot against the state.”

The Governor also alleged that the continued postponement of the rerun election by INEC shows that the elections body is plotting to rig the polls.

According to Daily Post, the Governor said “Because people want to illegally seize power in Rivers State that is why you are hearing all this. All this plot is to take Rivers State. Why do you want to take Rivers State when it is not your own?

“Between March 19th and now, they planned to do elections so that they can get the number of seats to impeach me and put their own man. Since March, everyday they postpone the elections. From May to June to July, August then September. They said October ending, still no election. Now, they say 10th of December and when we get to 10th of December, they may shift it to next year.”

Adding that “Election took place in Borno , election took place in Yobe, election took place in Adamawa where you have deadly insurgency. They were able to conduct elections and votes were counted. They were able to conduct election in Sambisa forest and votes were counted, but they cannot conduct election here in Rivers State.”

Governor Wike also suggested the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution  (ADR) in settlement  of  political conflicts.