Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike and transportation minister Rotimi Amaechi are hurling insults at themselves all over again.

These days, all it requires to get them into the wrestling arena is a news report or press statement or both.

Earlier this week, news filtered in that Wike had penned Amaechi's name as one of those to be handed awards at the Governor's pleasure.

Rivers celebrates its golden jubilee all week long and dishing out awards to 'deserving' recipients is part of the drill.

Here's a recap of what Wike was up to this week, as filed by Pulse:

"Amaechi and other nominees will be honoured for their individual contributions to the development of Rivers.

"Other persons on the list of 29 people include former presidents,  and  and late activist, .

"The awards ceremony will expectedly hold on May 27 in Port Harcourt, the State capital.

"The Governor’s decision to honour Amaechi comes as a surprise because the two have been at loggerheads for more than three years".

I wasn't expecting Amaechi to fly to Port Harcourt just because he wants to receive an award from Wike, given the level of animosity between both men.

But I also wasn't expecting this from Amaechi:

"The purported award itself is a contradiction of monumental proportions, a contradiction that can only come from a warped and perverted mind.

"From day one as Governor, Wike has made it his sole, one-point agenda to attack, abuse, insult and falsely denigrate Amaechi, his immediate predecessor and erstwhile benefactor.

"Since he became Governor, Wike spends most of his time making reckless, deeply irresponsible malicious, false allegations against Amaechi, as he attempts, albeit fruitlessly, to malign and destroy the outstandingly superb performance and legacy of Amaechi in Rivers State.

"So, what is the bases or criteria for Wike to give an award/honour to a man he (Wike) has rashly attacked and called all sorts of unprintable names in the past two years?

"What will Amaechi tell Rivers People when he goes to collect an award from that man-child who sits in Government House that is directly or indirectly responsible for the present deplorable state of sufferings, economic and infrastructural decay, violence, crime, insecurity, kidnappings and killings in Rivers State.

"Amaechi will not accept any award from a petty low-life conman, who rode to power on the blood of Rivers people".

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Harsher words haven't been delivered.

Driving home on Friday night, I knew Wike's riposte was going to arrive my mailbox, laden with all invectives imaginable.

And the Rivers Governor didn't disappoint.

He held nothing back; practically throwing the kitchen sink at Amaechi.

Here goes:

"The Rivers State government has learnt with much relief news of the  rejection of a proposed State award, by a former Governor of  the State, and current Minister for Transportation, Mr Rotimi Amaechi", Wike wrote in a press statement signed by Dr. Austin Tam-George, who is his commissioner for information and communication.

"Given Mr Amaechi's sanctimonious statement of rejection, it is important to clarify that the Rivers State Government never set out to honour Mr Amaechi for any meritorious service to the State during his time as Governor.

"As part of the events of the State's Golden Jubilee celebration,  the State government accepted the recommendation of the organizing committee that a variety of awards be given to different categories of individuals who have earned a place in the history of the State.

"There is a category of the awards designated for former Governors of the State.  And as a former Governor,  Mr Amaechi fell automatically in that category.

"We wish to emphasize that the award was never meant as a validation of Mr Amaechi's horrendous administration.

"Mr Amaechi was personally indicted for stealing billions of public funds during his time in office,  by a court-approved panel of inquiry set up by the state government. The government will soon initiate a prosecutorial process against him in multiple jurisdictions, in Nigeria and abroad.

"And no award would have stopped that process.  We must confess that as a government, we wrestled with the moral horror of giving any kind of award to a man whose government was no better than a criminal syndicate.

"Mr Amaechi may be a scoundrel of  history, but  he was once a Governor of the state.

"The proposed award was to serve as a sad acknowledgement of the especially dark place he occupies in our State's otherwise illustrious history. His rejection of the award is therefore a huge moral relief for the administration,  and the people of the state".

It saddens me that these men are leaders in our country.

You'd be forgiven if you thought they were some thugs exchanging 'yo momma' invectives out in the parking lot.

Amaechi's and Wike's kids have been watching and reading.

Young Nigerians who want to become the next Amaechi or Wike some day soon, have been watching and reading as both men never pass an opportunity to hurl mud and shtick at themselves.

These men control State and federal budgets in the billions of Naira and have people looking up to them.

What an example they've become!

On Wike and Amaechi's accounts, hundreds of lives have been lost in Rivers and the State has become a cesspool of blood and a theatre of violence.

It's time to stop.

Politics could be bitter, but it pays to always know when to draw the line.

Amaechi and Wike have entertained us bitterly since the latter succeeded the former in Rivers government house in 2015--and even before that.

I have interacted with both men at close quarters and the bile they both harbour for the other is palpable.

It's no longer funny.

One more invective laden statement from these guys and I'll flip.

Who exactly am I kidding?