The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, has boasted that the party will win the elections in Ogun and Imo States despite the alleged anti-party activities of the governors of both states.

He described the governors as poor students of their own history who had forgotten they lost elections before winning on the platform of the APC. He stated that APC will win in both states following its increasing popularity.

Oshiomole revealed this when he received the delegation of APC women leaders from Edo state who paid him a solidarity visit at his office in Abuja.

He said, "Those who think our political future is tied to them; they are poor students of their own political history. Some of these people who talk as if they are invincible, they have forgotten that they have run elections in the past and lost until they abandoned their parties and joined us. So if they return back, history will repeat itself.

"Whether you are a big or small man, the rules are not supposed to discriminate. Our popularity in Imo and Ogun today is much higher. It is not that once you are a governor you have high electoral value.

"Yes in APC, our governors have high electoral value but we also a few who are electoral liabilities."

The former governor of Edo state added that the actions of the governors will not affect the party in the forthcoming elections.

He added, "In Imo state today, APC will win more votes. My focus is on ordinary Imo voters because on that day, the governor would have only one vote, his son-in-law would have only one vote while his Commissioner for Happiness would have only one vote.

"But artisans, traders, teachers, and workers whose salaries are not being paid have the same weight of vote and they are excited about the renewed possibility of a new government coming with fresh ideas free of all the encumbrances of the present system. So in Imo, I’m very confident."

The APC chairman stated that the party will make a review if any of its rules had been breached. He also added that efforts of the Peace and Reconciliation Committee were already yielding fruits in some places while those with negotiable grievances were being sorted out.

Both governors, Ibukunle Amosun  and Rochas Okorocha, are at loggerheads with the APC chairman following the party's primary elections held in October. This is as a result of him not recognising their preferred governorship candidates.

The preferred candidates in Imo and Ogun and some aides of the governors have since defected to other political parties to pursue their ambitions.