The Independent National Electoral Commission has denied allegations of request for a $1million bribe by billionaire and Ondo state factional

In a statement issued on Monday, October 24, 2016 by the commission, INEC denied allegations that two of its employees, Toyin Babalola and Segun Agbaje, requested for bribe from Ibrahim.

The commission further maintained that the allegation has been found to be false after a preliminary investigation.

“The Commission hereby states, for the record, that from its preliminary investigation, nothing could be farther from the truth,” the statement read.

On the encounter between Toyin Babalola and Jimoh Ibrahim, INEC said "upon encountering Mr. Ibrahim, Mrs. Babalola told the candidate that she already was in possession of the court document and that the exchange lasted only 15 minutes. Three lawyers who witnessed the encounter said that at no time did Mrs. Babalola ask for $1 million."

Continuing, INEC said: “It should however be noted that court orders/judgments are served by court bailiffs and not individual parties. Furthermore, INEC Only receives nomination papers from the national chairmen of political parties or their designated officials, not aspirants,” the statement added.

On the allegation that INEC REC, Segun Agbaje had tried to set up a meeting with Jimoh Ibrahim in London, INEC denied Ibrahim's allegation saying it was the billionaire, who attempted to arrange a meeting with Mr. Agbaje through an intermediary.

However, Agbaje had refused to meet Ibrahim in London and told him that he would only meet in the Ondo State INEC office during official hours.

Jimoh Ibrahim, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate in Ondo State, had accused the Ondo State Resident Electoral Commission (REC), Segun Agbaje, of conducting shady deals ahead of the election and Toyin Babalola, the commission’s Acting Director of Legal Services, of demanding a $1 million bribe from him.