I have not really enjoyed my marriage due to my husband's constant cheating and infidelity. My husband, , is what can be best described as a Cassanova as he changes women like he changes under wears and I have lost count of the number of women who have shared my husband with me.

I have also had to treat myself of sexually transmitted diseases countless times and anytime I confront my husband, he would either pretend innocence or pick up quarrels with me, always making me look like a bad wife.

I knew from when we were dating that Edward will never be faithful because he always kept many girlfriends at every point in time but because I was madly in love with him, I felt I would be able to change him.

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I thought since it was just about the sex, I would be able to satisfy him and I was willing to go the extra mile to make sure he never lacked sex and I gave it to him anytime he wanted but it is now clear that no woman can change a man if he is not willing to.

Because of his uncontrolled sex urge, I have stopped my female friends and sibling from coming to our house because I know he will not spare them if any one of them catches his fancy.

My husband has a way with women and anyone he wants, he naturally gets them into his bed including the wives of his friends and his latest conquest is the daughter of our landlord whom he has been sleeping with for months now.

The girl who is about 20, makes fun of me whenever she sees me and would sing some funny songs to indicate that while some women think they are married, other women outside are enjoying the same men.

I don’t know how she and my husband started dating but I got to know about them when a neighbour informed me that she had seen them going into a hotel on more than three occasions.

The last straw was when I traveled with the children to spend the last holiday with my husband's parents but had to leave for Lagos suddenly after one of my customer's called and placed an order for a supply.

I did not inform Edward that I was coming back. My intention was to go and make the supplies and get back to Asaba in two or three days. I got into Lagos early and took a taxi home. I was surprised to see Edward's car in the compound and wondered why he did not go to work.

I noticed how some neighbours who were around were throwing glances at me as I walked into the compound and quickly averted their eyes when I greeted them.

I knew something was wrong but I was not prepared for the shock that met me when I opened our sitting room door only to meet my husband and our landlord's daughter naked and having sex on the floor.

They did not even bother to lock the door. I was so shocked that I screamed at the sight and they scrambled apart, trying to cover their nakedness. All my husband could say was to ask me why I did not knock before barging in on them while the girl shamelessly put on her clothes and walked out.

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I just stood there crying like I have never done before. Now I am done with crying. I want to take action to stop myself from getting high blood pressure because of my cheating husband but I don't know what steps to take.

Please, I need advice on how to go about this because I am truly fed up.


Dear readers, after going through Magdalene's story on Morning Teaser today, what would you advise her to do seeing that her husband is never going to change?