Seidu Sakiru Adeyemi, the suspected killer of

In an interview with journalists in Akure after he was paraded by the police, Adeyemi denied killing Khadijat Oluboyo, noting that she was killed by two boys who came visiting with her.

The prime suspect maintained he knew nothing about the death of the daughter of a former deputy governor of Ondo State, Alhaji Lasisi Olugbenga Oluboyo.

Adeyemi was paraded on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 before journalists at the headquarters of the Ondo State Police Command in Akure.

His statement

Adeyemi narrated how the late daughter of the former deputy was killed while speaking to journalists in Akure.

He said: “She sent me the soft copy of her project on the Whatsapp and told me that she would be leaving Lagos for Akungba on Sunday.

“On Monday, I received a text message from her that I should send her N2,000 but I was only able to raise N1,000 for her because I didn't have much money.

“But few hours later, I heard a knock on my door and when I opened, she [Khadijat] was the person I saw and I quickly asked her why she didn't tell me she was coming to visit me.

“Shortly after, she went out of the room and called in two other boys. She said a boy would be visiting her, but when she came in with the boys I was not comfortable and had to excuse them.

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“Later, one of the boys came out to call me and by the time I would enter back into the room, they were with guns and they threatened me.

“One of the boys was even on top of Khadijat on the bed and ordered me to kneel down on the rug and threatened me not to make any move but later they told me to go out and bring a digger.

“By the time I would come back, they had already killed Khadijat and asked me not to tell anyone and they instructed me to dig a big hole so they could bury her…”

Ghost of ex Deputy Gov’s daughter points to killer

Vanguard reports that the ghost of Khadijat Oluboyo is reportedly stalking the land.

Khadijat Oluboyo was found dead underneath her boyfriend’s bed on Sunday, July 8, 2018 at the Oke Aro extension, Akure, Ondo area.

The name of her boyfriend has been given as Adeyemi Alao.

Reports allege that she was murdered for ritual purposes.

Alao is now a suspect who has been taken into police custody.

Ghost and other tales

Vanguard reports however, that it was Khadijat’s ghost that alerted authorities and the family to her decomposing body underneath the bed.

Vanguard quotes a neighbor as saying that it was the ghost of Khadijat that appeared to Mutiu; the younger brother of Adeyemi, in their father’s house.

The ghost subsequently led Mutiu to Adeyemi's room where the suspect was frantically trying to conceal the corpse.

The suspect was said to be residing at the boys’ quarter in his father’s compound at the time of the murder.