In an exclusive chat with Pulse, Olawuyi explained that the politicians are humans who have the duty of giving account of their activities not to only voters and citizens but religious leaders in whom they had shared their ambition with.

Olawuyi said: “As church leaders, we should be courageous enough to correct our political leaders and put them right where it is required.

“I don’t believe we should only pamper politicians but I believe when they are doing well, let us encourage them  and when they are not doing well, let us call them to order, reprimand them and let them know that they have not really proved that they are the light of the world because Bible says you are the light of the world but if the light becomes darkness or the salt becomes bitter, what is the gain?” he asked rhetorically.

Continuing, Olawuyi said: “ It is a big issue which we have challenged ourselves even as religious leaders. If I have a senator or local council chairman or councillor in the church and probably when vying for political position, he or she has brought me into confidence to inform me about his/her political ambition, I and other religious leaders have the right to call these politicians to account their activities before the church or the religious leaders.

“We should ask them how far have they gone in implementing their promises and when we hear complaints about their activities, we have the right to call them and ask them to give us the true situation of things. We let them know they are either representing us well or not,” the Bishop said.

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Olawuyi is one of the few African religious leaders who have been invited to the White House in the United States of America to discuss on issues concerning Africa and the world at large.