According to statistics from Cancer Research UK, 14.1 million adults worldwide were diagnosed with cancer in 2012 while 8.2 million people died from it in the same year (4.7 million males and 3.5 million females).

Here in Nigeria, there are about 100,000 new recorded cases of cancer yearly while there are currently about 2 million recorded cases on ground. This is according to Professor Aderemi Ajekigbe of Radiotherapy and Oncology at the College of Medicine, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

Speaking at the inaugural lecture of the University of Lagos, Ajekigbe further revealed that women are at a higher risk of getting cancer, with more than 40% of cancer cases in Nigeria occurring in females. Topping the list of common cancer cases were breast and cervical cancer.

Through the years, the cancer mortality rate has tripled and with the vastly inadequate health care system in Nigeria, the figures are poised to get even worse. However, the key to fighting cancer is early detection, as such, it is advised that we regularly conduct check-ups.

As the world marks World Cancer day, we run you through a list of key facts about cancer in Nigeria.