Lagos Fashion Week (LFW) is a four-day fashion event bringing together buyers, consumers, and the media, to view the collections of the best African designers, in Lagos, the fashion capital of Nigeria.

As one of the leading fashion events on the African fashion calendar, the platform aims to drive the Nigerian and ultimately, the African fashion industry through its continued dedication to the growth and promotion of creative, as well as gradually reposition fashion as a tool for commerce and creativity on the continent. LFW offers access to approximately 7000 local and international guests over the four-day period.

For the duration of Lagos Fashion Week, there is a lot to see and be seen and sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming. Be sure to prepare and know that show schedule so that you can plan your days accordingly. We bring you the ultimate guide to your style experience at Lagos Fashion Week. Make the most of it!

1. Preparation is key

All good things come with good preparation. If you are not the lucky few that are showered with designers' invitations every season, you need to work your magic to get on that list. Fashion week has its own dedicated website where participating designers are listed together.

You can also volunteer to cover the event for a magazine or online publication if you want to get access.

Make sure you know who is showing on what days and do your homework so that you can hold your own when it comes to talking about the collections with your fellow fashion lovers.

2. Make sure you RSVP and secure your spots

This brings us back to rule 1- preparation.

Whether you're trying to score a press pass, buy tickets, attend after-parties, it's imperative that you RSVP. Not only is it polite to let people know where you intend to be but it also saves unnecessary embarrassment meant when it comes to entering shows and parties.

3. Plan each day and know your schedule

If you are planning on attending a few fashion shows and visiting a number of designer show rooms on the same day, make sure you map out your schedule strategically. Whilst most fashion week shows are at the tents, you still need to allow sufficient travel time to arrive at the correct location. And we all know how crazy and unpredictable Lagos traffic can be.

The show schedule should be your best friend so you know which designers are showing at which times and can plan your day accordingly making sure you don't miss out on anything.

4. Mingle with other fashion week attendees

Let's face it, people in fashion do not look like they are the most easy to approach people but we  promise, they don't bite. break the ice and introduce yourself to attendees seated around you, you may bond over love for adire and clashing prints or a mutual (and well-deserved) hate for gladiator sandals.

6. Enjoy yourself

Now you are in, watching the show of your dreams, mingling with people who love or hate the same things as you do, there is only one thing left to do, enjoy yourself.

Soak in the atmosphere, observe the details of the clothing and enjoy the year's sartorial offerings. These are the experiences that cannot be captured or transmitted simply through a camera so appreciate being there in the moment and make the most of it.

After all, it only happens once a year!