Wide-legged pants were one of the trends we saw in 2019 and they seem to be part of the trends that are spilling into 2020.

Wide-leg pants are supremely flattering and work-appropriate, so you can rock them to any event. Wide leg pants are great for short-legged women, as flared pants are very leg lengthening when they fit well at the top.

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This article will show you how to rock a wide-legged pant to every occasion.

1. You can wear a wide-leg pant to your work place for a cooperate Monday look. Rocking a suit with it makes the look more stylish.

2. Wide-leg pants can be intimidating. To bring out your shape in a lovely way, Rock the pant with a fitted lace top.

3. Need to wear something simple and stylish, try this look. You don't have to do too much to look fashionable. A pair of t-shirt and a wide-leg pant would look good on you.

4. A top with statement sleeves will look amazing on a wide-leg pant. Attend that meeting looking stylish.

5. Got a party to attend? Try this look. You can show off your edgy shoulders with an off-shoulder top with a wide-leg pants. This look will give you that elegant feel you need.