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Dominus 7 ways to dominate a woman in bed

Learn how to dominate a woman in bed, and when you do, put it to good use.

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7 ways to dominate a woman in bed play

Submissive woman in bondage position


Naturally, a lot of ladies admire men that knows just the right thing to do in bed.

Learning how to dominate in bed builds positivity and self-confidence. Basically, women love to have sex with a man that defends them and also hit the right spots. Below are all you need to know about dominating a woman in bed.

1. Look within yourself

Think or look within yourself before you try to dominate a woman. Take time to ponder on your self-esteem because there may be a reason why you’re not comfortable with being dominant in front of a woman.

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2. Communicate with your partner

Talk to your partner about your sexual desires and how comfortable they are with it. She may enjoy it gentle and sensual than the rough dominant sex. So know what she wants and don't overstep your boundaries.

3. Test with your partner

Try experimenting with your partner first. By doing this, you will know what you both like and dislike. This is the only way to find out where your boundaries lie. Dominant sex is not hard to achieve. Just ask her if it’s okay to blindfold her or to lightly tie her down.

4. Don't dominate all the time

You don't have to dominate all the time during sex. If your partner agrees for you to dominate, then go ahead. And if your partner wants to be dominant, just be submissive, there's no harm in it.

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5. Easy dominance

Start easy. Easy dominance helps you and your partner improve yourselves. Easy dominance includes the dirty talk, pushing her against a wall, biting, biting her ear lobe, tossing her to the bed, yanking her hair and binding her wrists.