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Awkward 5 embarrassing questions about sex most of us are shy to ask

Can a hard thrust damage the vagina? Checkout awkward questions about sex we all want answers to.

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5 awkward questions about sex most of us are shy to ask play

5 awkward questions about sex most of us are shy to ask

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There are awkward questions and embarrassing situations when it comes to sex. Not to worry, we all feel the same way.

Sex is all about getting into each other's space and exploring each other's bodies. So there is nothing to be ashamed about because we all experience some erotic moments with our significant other.

Below are some typical uncomfortable questions about sex that we are too shy to ask.

1. I have never had an orgasm

This is very normal. A lot of women don't find it easy to orgasm because it requires more clitoral stimulation. However, men are the lucky ones, they reach climax when they ejaculate.

2. Why does it feel so good when having sex?

It feels so good because our brain reacts to stimulation. And this stimulation discharges some chemicals which make sex feel really good.  At the end of the day, it’s all about hormones and chemicals.

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3. Is it healthy to lick your lover’s anus?

You can do this if they clean themselves up before sex, but might be unhealthy if they have sweat all over or they just got back after a long day at work. So you can lick all you want as far as they are clean.

4. Can a vagina be damaged due to hard thrusts?

Truthfully, it is possible for the penis to stroke against the vagina. This may lead to tears around the vaginal tissue region. Women who have had sex without proper foreplay and no lubricant will know exactly how it feels. But a vagina cannot be damaged by hard thrust.

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5. Can the penis get stuck into the vagina?

This is a scary imagination. Yes! the vagina can clamp down on the D and locks it. This occurs when the woman's pelvic muscles contracts. So don't freak out, if you are both calm, the tissues will loosen and the D will be released.