On October 6, 2020, Hennessy released the third and final part of 'The Conversation' featuring MI Abaga and Vector. It's the first leg of its year long Hennessy Artistry 2020 that still includes Cyphers and VS Class.

During the conversation MI Abaga and Vector tha Viper spoke about the things that led them to where they sat. They also thrashed out several moments of miscommunication and discussed the potential of a collaboration. Yes, you heard that right - a collaboration. And that's thanks to the impressive work of Hennessy Nigeria and Hennessy Artistry.

Twitter has been reacting to the moment which will be deemed a 'classic' in a few years.

You can seen the best reactions from below;

Hennessy for the money...

Set awon cuts

Bants FC

'Intelleshual' FC with the hot takes...

Peace Twitter, drinking Hennessy vicariously