My man D'banj is the proverbial cat with nine lives. When you think he is out of the game, he manages to sneak back in.

The big baller reputation of the 'White Lion' took a big hit when reports surfaced that he is broke. To make matters worse he was served with a court injunction over an alleged debt case.

It looked like it was lights out for Eja Nla. Without a concrete hit since 'Oliver' in 2011, D'banj's as a music force has been waning.

Even though the DKM album had good songs, the album wasn't enough to change the unfair perception that D'banj is hopeless without Don Jazzy.

As blows continued to land on him, D'banj backed himself into a corner and like Mohammed Ali landed a knock out punch that has opened the game up for him.

Surely you must have seen The Truth With D'banj, an engaging Q&A session with Olisa Adibua of BEAT FM. If you haven't, I implore you to do. It is a much needed break from the heavy political content that is online these days.

With thirty minutes making up the first part of the interview, D'banj has been able to turn the tide one again to his favour.

He was charismatic, charming, entertaining, funny and objective when he needed to be. In the video, you don't see a man struggling with finances. You see a man confident in his God given talent to entertain people.

It's very hard not to watch that video, and not be swayed by D'banj's electric personality. Many people who have interviewed him have been moved by his personality. Kudos to the veteran Olisa Adibua for not turning into a groupie.

The thing that impressed me in the video is how D'banj was composed. He didn't get emotional when he was narrating his version of events that lead to the downfall of Mo' Hits. He was calm, and even cracked a joke that his brother was in on the plot to kick him out of the label.

What this interview has done for D'banj is that it makes him a good guy again, without making Don Jazzy the bad guy. That was a classy move. No need to tear up old wounds.

Everyone loves D'banj again, and want him to succeed. This change in public perception couldn't have come at a better time when his tenth year anniversary is at the corner.

D'banj is a hustler, and you can never count a hustler out. When you think it's over, the hustler has one more trick up his sleeve.

Never count D'banj out of the game. As long as Nigerians have the need to be entertained, D'banj will always be around. He might not have the hit singles he once had, but when it comes to entertainment D'banj will always be relevant.

It is not yet over for the Koko Master.

P.S As for Dr. Sid it will he harsh to judge someone over an opinion he/she had two years ago. However, if Dr. Sid still believes that D'banj held back his career then that's a sorry case of one not believing in himself.

There's a reason why there are stars, superstars, and mega stars. Choose your own, and play your position bro.