During the Golden Globes Awards, Nigerian reporter, Simisola Solanke, caught up with incarcerationAmerican actress Uzo Aduba, who is the daughter of Nigerian parents from Achi in Enugu State.

During the short interview, the "Orange is the Black" actress spoke on her favourite Nigerian dish and what she loves most about Nigeria.

"I love egusi and Onugbu soup. Those are probably my two favourites. I love making them." she said on favourite food.

On what she misses about the village, she said"The peace and quiet, and just the real true sense of family that exist there."

Aduba received a 2016 Gfor her role in the comedy series as Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren.

Her character on show is portrayed as an emotionally unstable lesbian female inmate with a violent past.

In the chat with Solanke, she also spoke on people saying "OITNB" glorifies the incarceration system.

Watch video below;