British-Nigeria actor

Boyega who reprises his role as Finn in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' said the important thing for Nigerian actors to have before they cross over is training.

He said this during the special screening of the latest Star Wars installment on Monday, December 25, 2017 at IMAX Cinemas.

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Moving To Los Angeles For Opportunity

"I think it's an interesting time in entertainment in which a lot of artists are moving to Los Angeles for a bigger opportunity.

I don't think the opportunity should be necessarily the fundamental goal but the training should be the fundamental goal. Acting skills in Hollywood movies are quite different to the style of acting in Nollywood. Its a very, very different market" he told the audience.

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Training Is Key

He further said "It is good if you can do both but to learn Hollywood I feel like you need to train because there is no use getting the opportunity and not being ready for it."

John Boyega mentioned that Nollywood actors who want to jump into Hollywood can get good training from drama schools in Europe.

"With Hollywood they really find first impressions really important. So I think finding a good institution of training is the best and you would realize that America is not the only place you can train really hard. You can go to several different places in Europe. There are drama schools in Malta, in London that are really good."

After getting good training, John Boyega said the next step is getting auditions. "Training is the fundamental thing and then you start looking into the next step which are auditions."

During the special screening John Boyega spoke on his Nollywood background, getting Wizkid's song on Pacific Rim 2 and how physically demanding it is to be on Star Wars.