Good morning ladies and gentleman. Let me be direct with this, Nigerian celebrities are crybabies.

Why am I saying this? Last week, there were several instances of Nigerian celebrities lashing out at fans on social media (check Toyin Aimakhu and Reekado Banks). This backlash from celebrities has been on the increase lately, with many of our exalted stars having short tempers, and hitting back.

This behavior has made me conclude that Nigerian celebs are crybabies, and many of them can’t handle the spotlight. Being a famous person means you must deal with the bad as well as the good. To be a star you must accept the hugs, praises and the knocks as well. You can’t choose the part of stardom that suits you.

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When you sign up to be a celeb, you have signed a contract that has made you a walking target whether you like it or not. Handling criticism and harsh words is part of being a celebrity. How you handle it shows how ready you are to handle fame.

Many of our Nigerian celebs are not ready to be celebrities. They want the good life, Instagram likes and sweet comments. Do they know the insults Rihanna, Beyoncé, Ciara and others receive on a daily basis? They receive millions, yet you don’t see them hitting back at people in their comment sections.

You know why? They are busy doing things, photo shoots, video shoots, signing deals, and working on their next projects. They don’t have time to be checking their Instagram comments. They are not jobless people. They have targets and goals. They know social media helps project their brand. They don’t see social media as a do or die affair.

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Let me tell you something that happened yesterday. Africa’s biggest female pop star attended the opening of a spa in Lagos. Now this female diva was at the event with her mother, and new born baby. The photographer at the event took a picture of the female celeb with her baby. The female singer became annoyed, and told the photographer to delete the picture. The poor photographer did.

If I was the photographer’s editor I would have sacked him. How can you have a picture of this pop queen with her child and delete it? As a matter of fact how can a celeb come out in public with her child and not have her picture taken? If she doesn’t want a picture of her child taken, she shouldn't bring him out.

When Jay Z and Beyoncé didn’t want Blue Ivy to be seen they kept her at home. Once you come out you are free game. You can’t turn on, and turn off the celebrity game whenever you please. It’s a full time job. Jay Z and Beyoncé don’t chase away photographers when they are snapping Blue Ivy. They know it is part of the game. They might not be happy about it, but they know it’s the business.

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Celebrities here have it easy. They won’t last three weeks of paparazzi chasing them and stalking them in front of their homes.

Nigerian celebrities should suck it up. Post a picture, and move on. Hitting back at people who comment is childish and reveals joblessness.

If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. It’s not by force to be a celeb at the end of the day. Messi and Ronaldo don’t stop playing to abuse the people who boo them. They keep on playing and achieve greatness. That is what a celebrity should be doing- achieving greatness.

P.S Wande Coal’s album is out. Yaay!!!