Following a photo of

According to Waje, she shared a photo of her mother on Instagram and a follower said nasty things about how the older woman was as ugly as her daughter, a comment that apparently touched the singer leading to an emotional outpouring of words.

“What happened to us?” Waje asked yesterday April 4, 2016, “What happened to when paying a compliment didn’t mean weakness, what happened to respect and understanding boundaries?”

She wrote,

"Love covers a multitude of sin yet it's so difficult for us,we have become a people so invested in bringing others down, laughing silently at misfortunes. Define wickedness....... What happened to us?what happened to when paying a compliment didn't mean weakness, what happened to respect and understanding boundaries, I put up a pic of my mum to celebrate her and someone said she's as ugly as you. Are we so desperate for attention that we light the fire that Will grill our souls to death, social media is now the place to show hate and some laugh and say its entertainment? Don't forget! you sow yam na yam you go reap. Who is fooling WHO. Don't let The devil use you to shine. Love!"

Waje who has never been one to exchange words with her fans on social media seems to have been touched with that hateful comment.

Meanwhile, the singer recently threw a pool themed party for her daughter, Emerald over the weekend.

Emerald was a year older March 28, 2016.

Watch Waje talk about her mother in Pulse TV video below.