Nollywood actress Shan George is really angry with Nigerians and has expressed her grievances in a latest post.

She took to Instagram today, November 24, 2016, writing, "We have so much bitterness inside, We find it very hard to forgive people even d smallest offence, We most often forget every Good thing someone did for us just bcos of a small one they didn't do.

We write people off once we see them, Just bcos they are not cladded in gold. We tell evil lies about people, bcos we need favour. We Backstab, kill and Main each other bcos of money.

We hate on someone who has never done us wrong, Just to do solidarity for our friend who hates that person. We judge things we know we shuld leave for God to judge.

Yet we are out here everyday proclaiming how much we love God. We have really fallen. It is not Nigeria that is corrupt............ It is our Hearts. May God forgive Us."

Shan George has started shooting her latest movie '' in the city of Calabar, Cross River state, Nigeria.

The movie written by the Nollywood actress is being directed by Stanley Williams.

The production stars Eric Anderson, Lilian Bach, Femi Branch, Lepacious Bose, Ibok Ekpenyoung, Vivian Metchieand Bukky Wright.