It all started yesterday afternoon, August 17, 2016 when

Ruggedybaba captioned it, "So her husband and family allowed this? Smh!! Shame on them all. Which church did she enter looking like this? Which Pastor allowed her stand in front of him like this?"

His good friend Eldee replied his comment saying, "Judge not," and Cossy Orjiakor commented saying, "Ehhh don't judge."

Ruggedman was not having it as he told Eldee he has become a judge, jury and executioner.

According to him, "I will judge this one o. Unless you don't know what's right and wrong. Imagine your family member doing this. Nothing like judge not. Judge, jury and executioner ni fun eleyi o." Adding, "Sorry @cossyojiakor but we will judge this one. This is a wedding, holy matrimony. Its one of the best days in a womans life. In front of all family and friends and she decides to dress like this?"

Ruggedman is slowly morphing into a Daddy Freeze with this latest post.