2016 has been a very interesting year of trends amongst Nigerian celebrities. One rather curious trend was the  fascination with releasing new pictures.

Once upon a time when celebrities put out fresh images it was probably tied into a project such as an upcoming movie, an album release, a fashion collection launch or the photo spread of a magazine.

These days it’s different. The celebrity might have no project coming out but because they want to generate some buzz about themselves they release pictures taken by a professional photographer.

It’s their birthday and because they know people will be posting birthday messages for them on social media, they actually put together a photoshoot for the sole purpose of people sharing cute pictures in celebration.

Common! There are several other intelligent ways to generate buzz for your brand.

I recently spoke to a public relations agent (who asked to remain anonymous); they revealed that they usually advised their client against releasing new pictures when there’s no intention to release a supporting project. The agent revealed some clients made such a fuss they just end up releasing the pictures to the public.

What’s even more annoying is when there’s no artistic direction or theme to the shoot.

If you release pictures on your Instagram page everyday - your new pictures won’t really be that much of a big deal; after all there’s a platform for everyone to watch you on already.

Social media and the constant sharing on the several platforms out there has removed a lot of the mystification and secrecy that once existed before the digital age where pictures releases and interviews were the only ways fans could get an insight into the lives of their favourite celebrities.

If you feel it’s really that important to release a new pictures then why don’t you follow the route of American couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. Be smart about it.

On October 29, 2016, award-winning singer Beyonce, her daughter Blue Ivy and her mother Tina Lawson dressed up as popular (80s/90s) hip-hop trio Salt-N-Pepa to a Halloween party. Jay-Z dressed as the character Dwayne Wayne from American sitcom “A Different World”. For Halloween proper, the family dressed up in Barbie themed costumes - Beyonce and Blue as Barbie and Jay-Z as Ken.

These images were shared on Beyonce’s Instagram channel. The news of their themed outfits was covered by several international publications including Elle, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Time, UsWeekly, Vibe and more.

Notice what the Carters’did there; Beyonce shared these images on social media, it tied into a party season (Halloween), there was a theme and the images of the family circulated very quickly and caused a buzz online for about a week plus.

Dear Nigerian celebrity, no one is saying you shouldn’t release new pictures. Just be smart about it.