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For a moment it looked like Sean Tizzle was going to be the next superstar with his impressive debut album. Unfortunately three years after and Sean Tizzle has not lived up to these expectations.

From being an artiste who looked like he was going to be an A-list celebrity, Sean Tizzle is in the news for stories that D-list celebrities would not be happily associated with.

Over the weekend Sean Tizzle stated that the media ruined his blossoming relationship with DJ Cuppy. If this isn’t an eye-rolling worthy story then I don’t know what is. This story is so feeble and cheesy. Really? A relationship with DJ Cuppy? Sean Tizzle should have found a better PR story to run with.

Sean Tizzle has been struggling for relevance for a minute now. The skin bleaching episode and his strange tweets haven’t won him any new fans either.

A couple of years ago he was one of the hot male celebrities on the red carpet now he cuts an anonymous figure as he plans on dropping his second album.

Can Sean Tizzle comeback as a celebrity? Nothing is impossible. He can surely be a celebrity again but he needs to work twice as hard and he has to do better than talking about his almost relationship with DJ Cuppy.

What Sean Tizzle needs now is to concentrate his efforts on recording good music and creating a positive narrative about his brand. To do this he needs a team with the sole mission of making him look like a man on a mission. Right now, things around him feel scattered.

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To be a top notch celeb a lot of things have to come into play. Sean Tizzle is working against those factors now. His imagery has to change that’s for sure and his statements have to be carefully worded. Then also he has to dead those bleaching rumours by admitting to it. His confession won’t kill his career. If he adds a heavy touch of regret to his admittance things might just turn the better for him.

It’s not too far gone for Sean Tizzle. With determination and a couple of good songs we can be raving about him again.