Yesterday, it was reported that Hollywood actress, Halle Berry and now ex husband, Olivier Martinez, finally went through with their divorce based on fights surrounding their decision on where to live.

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The 'Cat woman' star has been finding it difficult to find a common ground with Martinez on where to live and raise their 2-yr-old son, Maceo.

Berry, who is a mother of two with her 7-yr-old daughter which she had with model, Martine Aubry, Nahla Arial Aubry and her son, Maceo, has also had issues with her husband's anger issues.

Said issues led to an incident at the LAX airport, where Martinez reportedly hit a fan with baby car seat, and getting sued for it was the proverbial 'needle that broke the camel's back'.

After asking Pulse readers if not agreeing on a place to live was grounds for a divorce, 100% of the readers voted that it wasn't enough to lead to a divorce.

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There might be more to the situation than what the couple are saying but again, only time will tell.