Sometime in May this year, M.J's 17years old eldest daughter undefined stepped out with boyfriend, Chet Castellaw in Calabasas wearing what appeared to be a sparking engagement ring on her left hand.

The initial thought was that the only daughter of late legend M.J will marry her beau next spring when she turns 18.

However, The 17 year-old changed her name to Paris Jackson Castellaw, adding the surname of her 18 years old boyfriend Chester on Instagram.

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The couple have only dated for 7 months and Paris, who reportedly attempted suicide two years ago is still yet unstable according to an insider.

“Everyone thought she was back on track, but now it looks like she’s on the verge of a meltdown,” the source tells Radar Online, adding that in video clips of the teen and her boyfriend, , she "acts crazy."

"She grabs hold of his face and sings: ‘This is my baby, if you flirt with him, touch him, talk to him, think about him, or even look at him, I will slit your throat!'” the source claims.