The marriage  of Nollywood actress, Mide Martins, has taken a new turn as she is now rumoured to have allegedly slept with her husband's best friend.

Martins, who is married to Afeez Owo Abiodun, a movie producer and actor, was rushed to the hospital on April 18, 2016, after she had a heart attack.

According to The Gossip Site, a source close to Abiodun revealed that the cause of their marriage problems is related to a cheating scandal.

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The Gossip Site wrote, "One of the sources said shortly before her husband moved out of their matrimonial home, Mide traveled to South Africa with one of her friend’s husband, a real estate mogul that was once mentioned on this site,"

"The source said Mide Martins allegedly slept her way to an endorsement deal that later materialized upon her return to Nigeria."

"The man who slept with her confided in a friend who in turn informed her husband."

According to reports, Martins faked her heart attack just to win back her husband, but he was said to have distanced himself from the hospital.

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