Yes guys, its no jokes as from all indications, it looks like Ruth Kadiri is officially married.

Wondering how we came to this conclusion, then wonder no more. A close look at her Instagram page would give a clue as she has a new surname, Ezerika

Still in doubt? Then check out her latest photo on her Instagram page where she is spotted wearing a wedding ring and looking all excited. So guys there you have it...Ruth Kadiri...Oops! Ruth Kadiri Ezerika might have walked down the aisle secretly with her partner.

Well, we've always known Ruth Kadiri was in a romantic relationship as we can recall back in 2017 when she revealed that she was engaged. For many, this latest development won't be surprising as they saw it coming.

Ruth Kadiri is giving us different clues about her marital status

Ruth Kadiri's engagement back in 2017

Ruth Kadiri got engaged in 2017 to a mystery man [Instagram/RuthKadiri]

Back in December 2017, Ruth Kadiri announced that she was engaged and her fans were more than excited for her. She posted a photo showing a gorgeous engagement band with a caption that tells us everything we need to know.

"Merry Christmas world. @ 12:15 am December 25, 2017, I said yes to the man who totally completes me. My daddyyyy, my friend, my brother, my pastor, my perv my gossip partner. And my husband to be. God bless you and keep you safe for me."

It was reported in July 2017 that the actress cum producer was pregnant with her first child and there was no news of a baby daddy then.

Ruth Kadiri

We don't know what the lucky man looks like yet but we cannot wait to hear the wedding bells! Kadiri is a graduate of the prestigious University of Lagos where she studied mass communication. She joined the Nollywood movie scene in 2009 and since then, she has gone on to make a name for herself in the industry.