Reports reaching us say Kanye West is in a bad mental state.

TMZ reports his hospitalization is far from over.  According to the entertainment website, it appears West will stay at UCLA Medical Center until this week's end.

Kanye's doctor told the Police he was suffering from a temporary psychosis brought on by sleep deprivation and extreme dehydration, but TMZ reveals that the problems go much deeper.

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Sources say Kanye's psychological problems are significant enough that his insurance policy which covers lost profits and financial obligations for cancelled concerts due to illness, will certainly cover the losses for the 21 concerts he's cancelled.

With the Kardashians' bleak record with black men, a lot of fingers are pointing to Kim K for Kanye's woes.

One thing is sure, Kanye West's mental health is unstable. Maybe years of criticism and giving his all is affecting his mind. Maybe he hasn't gotten over mum's health or the Kardashian lifestyle is stifling him.