Julia Roberts home is in confusion as reports claim her drunk sister-in-law is struggling to drive a wedge between her and her husband, Danny Moder.

According to court documents obtained by the National ENQUIRER, Danny’s sister Jyl is currently embroiled in an explosive feud with her next door neighbors. Apparently concerned that her neighbors were a bit too nosy, Jyl scrawled a note to them that read, “Mind your own business! Or I’ll get in yours. Do not call our families!” The note also included a threatening drawing of a car running over two stick people. Jyl and her live-in fiancé, 58-year-old rocker Blaine Chaney later made a drunken admission to the police that they had in fact made the death threat.

The documents also indicated that Chaney had thrown garbage into their yard. The neighbors followed up by filing for a temporary restraining order against the couple. In July, the ENQUIRER reported that Jyl and Chaney had a domestic violence dispute that led to Jyl being arrested for battering Chaney after an argument. She pulled out a huge grin for her mugshot, and was held on $50,000 bail

"Julia [Roberts] is fed up with Jyl’s bizarre, boozy behavior. This has been an issue with her for years now, and it hasn't gotten any better. Julia says she’s ‘sick and tired’ of trying to help clean up the Moders’ messes. It’s driven a real wedge between her and Danny," an insider explains to Enquirer.

RadarOnline reports that  friends are now  telling Roberts that it is time to find a good divorce attorney, and they expect the split to happen by the end of the year. “Julia is not a quitter, but she knows the marriage is doomed and will probably end it after the holidays so the couple can be with their children," said a close source. "Her pals have told her it’s time to shop for a divorce lawyer — she doesn’t want to, but realizes that’s the next step.”

Another source added, "Julia doesn’t give up easily, but she and her friends know that it’s time to move on."