If you are anything like us, youll set up an alarm to catch the United States Presidential debate on cable Television.

And it doesn't matter if you arrive work on Thursday morning, feeling like you'll need a mattress and some snooze.

Trust us, you'll still be fine.

Here are the four reasons why you should tune in for the final showdown in Las Vegas:

1. This is Donald Trump's last opportunity to impress

Forget all you've heard or watched in the last couple of days at FOX, Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, lost the last two debates.

In the second, Hillary Clinton's strategy was to allow the "grab 'em by the pussy" tape do the damage. Even without the heights she hit at the first debate, Clinton's smile and composure were still enough to defeat Trump at the second.

Clinton is leading Trump by double digits in some polls. If he loses this debate (like he certainly will), The Donald will never recover.

He'll come with the kitchen sink tonight because he wants to get one debate win under his belt before November's election.

You don't want to be told what the unhinged candidate comes up with tonight.

2. Undecided voters are still a thing

For Americans, debates are important because undecided voters are still up for grabs by a serious candidate. One good debate performance and you are back in the reckoning.

For Clinton and Trump, appealing to undecided voters will be playing at the back of their minds when they get on stage tonight.

Expect the feuding duo to go for the other's jugular and attempt to land deadly punches early on.

No time to waste time.

3. It's still a dead heat in Swing States

Swing voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire etc, are still evenly split between Trump and Hillary, at least by most polling data.

It's a dead heat between Trump and Clinton in some of these States.

The candidates want to edge ahead in polling in these States after the debate.

Welcome to hell tonight!

4. Trump is suffering

To hear Donald Trump speak these days is akin to listening to a Nigerian politician speak.

The polls will be rigged in Clinton's favour, Trump says.

The press is against him, Trump says.

According to the , "Trump has had possibly the most dismal October of any presidential nominee in recent history — and the month is just more than half over.

"Facing accusations of sexual harassment and criticism for vulgar and demeaning comments toward women, Mr. Trump limps into Wednesday’s debate, the final one against Hillary Clinton, with polls showing him losing in nearly every state he must win".

Now, that's a pretty bad place to be at.

Trump's campaign has exploded and he's tried unsuccessfully to put up a brave face.

Tonight, he seeks a way back into the polls.