The governor made the statement while giving an account of his administration during an interview with Vanguard.

“Sometimes I am surprised with PDP because when you put a guy who made a pass in History as your best, as chairman of a paper, what do you expect, he is not able to understand simple governance and he reduces governance to his own level and then proceeds on those bogus figures that can only make sense in the world of fools,” Oshiomhole said.

“Sometimes I don’t like joining issues with PDP because I don’t want to be seen as a mad man like them. These PDP people are practically brain dead, so when they say all these lies ask them what do we owe and place a call to DMO, they will give you the figures.

“So it is not something about speculation. Government finance is not secret. Let me start by saying that in the South South, Edo state is the least borrowed. All the other states are PDP, check out from DMO we are the least borrowed.

“So I am not passing on the bond to my successor, we will liquidate it by the end of my tenure, it was programmed that way. So I am not handing obver a huge debt profile,” he added.

A member of the House of Representatives from Edo, Joseph Edionwele recently said that the PDP would soon take over the state because Oshiomhole has not achieved anything.


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