Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in Ondo state,

Ibrahim also dismissed claims that he is not well-liked by the people of the state.

He made the comments during an interview with The Nation. Excerpts below:

How would you react to the general assumption that you are not that popular in Ondo State?

I do not need Mimiko’s support. What do I need Mimiko support for? Mimiko is a liability. If Mimiko take you to campaign at the podium, you are going to lose the election. Somebody who has not paid eight months’ salary, what support would he give me that would translate to reality. What do you mean by I am not popular in the state?

In 2003, you were there when I ran for election in the state; Adefarati beat me with about 5,000 votes. That was an incumbent governor. I was 34 years old then and I was able to make that giant effort. What are talking about? That is to tell you that I was almost there.

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If the incumbent could have beaten me to about with 5,000 votes, what are we saying? In 2003 to now, is a lot of years, I have played a lot of roles in politics in Nigeria from ANPP to PDP. Mimiko has moved from AD to PDP, from PDP to Labour party, from Labour party to PDP, and there from there. I don’t know where he is going to tomorrow. Maybe PDM.