Presidential aspirant, Eunice Atuejide, criticised a group of male presidential aspirants for failing to invite female presidential aspirants to a group meeting that took place on Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

Male aspirants, including Prof. Kingsley Moghalu, Fela Durotoye, Omoyele Sowore, Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese and a host of others, met as a coalition under Presidential Aspirants Coming Together (PACT) towards the 2019 General Elections: "Election As Revolution".

Atuejide, who's contesting on the platform of the National Interest Party (NIP), took to her Twitter account on Wednesday, August 1, to criticise the aspirants in that meeting for failing to include female aspirants.

The lawyer started her rant by calling attention to the fact that she's not a feminist but is enraged by the gender inequality that was on show at the meeting which she said was discriminatory against herself and two other female presidential aspirants, Dr Elishama Ideh and Prof. Remi Sonaiya.

Atuejide disclosed that while the meeting of the male aspirants was going on, she was at a summit organised for only female presidential aspirants.

However, she criticised the male aspirants for excluding female aspirants from their meeting. She said the female aspirants were just as equal with their male counterparts and asserted that female aspirants have the advantage as there are more female voters.

She said, "See ehn, I am not a feminist and I will never become one, but I tell you, this gender inequality problem is serious faa! And the sad thing is, it is not only with our older generation in this country, it abounds with even our unborn children.

"So, while us female Presidential Aspirants were at a summit organised by three independent pro gender equality bodies - WIPF, WFM 91.7, and NWTF - looking for ways to reduce the segregation and exclusion of women in our political experience in Nigeria -

"Our new breed men vying for the same Presidency were holding meetings and agreeing to work together towards the Presidency to the complete EXCLUSION of ALL female Presidential Aspirants. Biko nu my people, where did we go wrong in this country?

"My dear male Presidential Aspirants - Moghalu Kingsley, Yele Sowore, Fela Durotoye, Ahmed Buhari, Alistair Soyode, Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese, Mathias Baba Tsado, Tope Fasua, saving Nigeria is a COLLECTIVE effort involving BOTH genders!

"Please get this in your heads - Myself, Elishama Ideh and Remi Sonaiya are your EQUALS. We are highly qualified, ready, and able to lead this country, and we are very serious about the race to the Presidency in 2019.

"If you don't work with us, it will be harder, but we will prevail in getting one of us to Aso Rock next year because we outnumber you in terms of PVCs. This unequivocally means if we do it by gender, NONE of you can ever emerge President in this country.

"So, don't try this again. Don't call meetings of Presidential Aspirants to the exclusion of ALL female aspirants. Okay? One love guys."

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Atuejide, Idehwere invited

One of the male aspirants at the meeting, MathiasBaba Tsado, replied one of Atuejide's tweets to disclose that Ideh, another female presidential aspirant, was actually at the meeting but had to leave early. He also noted that he personally sent an invitation to the meeting to Atuejide herself.

"Your Excellency, I actually sent you an invitation for this meeting, hope to see you at the next meeting," he tweeted.

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Atuejide has now deleted the tweets as Twitter users heavily criticised her stand against feminism while being critical of gender inequality.