Borno State Governor,

Shettima made the comment after the Deputy Speaker of the Borno Assembly, Danlami Kubo supposedly said the governor should succeed Buhari.

The governor made the comments via a statement released by his spokesman, Isa Gusau.

The statement reads:

“It would amount to moral insanity for anyone to be discussing succession of President Buhari at this time.”

“I received a Google alert of the story credited to a lawmaker in Borno State over issue of succession. Governor Kashim Shettima was deeply angered by that report and he has tried reaching the lawmaker to clarify if he granted that interview or he was misrepresented.

“In the meantime, Governor Shettima feels it would amount to moral insanity for any Nigerian to be discussing issues of succession at a time a very popular, highly experienced and capable sitting president is managing his health.

“We have a sitting President, a popular one that we are all proud of for working more than anyone would have done in fighting the Boko Haram insurgency which is our number one problem in our state, the north-east and the Northern region.

“How can anyone in his right thinking be talking about succession when a cherished President is dealing with his health? What has gone wrong with our moral values?

“Has politics taken over our sanity? What is most precious to me is to have Boko Haram brought to an end and I don’t think anyone would have done better than what President Buhari is doing for us. This call does not represent the slightest of my thoughts."

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Shettima also added that President Buhari will be fine and will also be successfully re-elected in 2019.