The minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has blamed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the hunger in the country.

Amaechi said that the PDP stole money meant to take care of Nigerians while they were in power.

The minister said this at an All Progressives Congress (APC) rally in Bauchi state on Saturday, January 12, 2019.

According to Punch, Amaechi said “I was speaking to my friend from the other divide and he said you are hungry, I said ‘yes, if they did not steal the money they stole, you would have had enough food.’

“The money they stole is what is making me hungry. Tell them, to bring the money.

“The PDP stole $2bn to prosecute 2015 elections but we still defeated them. They are broke, they are hungry and they want to come back to steal.

“The PDP members know that they are broke and because of that, they are looking for cheap source of funds.

“When they say there is no food, they want to steal money and they cannot do that because the President has said that public money is not for any individual.”

Leaked audio

An audio recording, allegedly of the minister of transportation making jest of President Buhari surfaced online recently.

In the audio, Amaechi allegedly described the President as a person that does not care.

According to The Cable, he allegedly said "This country can never change, I swear. The only way this country can change is in a situation where everybody is killed.

“This country is going nowhere. When Magnus (Abe) was secretary to the Rivers State Government (SSG), I told him that this country is hopeless and helpless and he told me, ‘Oga, stop it’. This cannot be coming from a governor.

“But two months in Abuja, Magnus came to meet me and said, I agree with you; this country is hopeless and helpless. All they do in Abuja is to share money.

“I have already written to the governor of Katsina state and I don’t know why he has not replied to give us the land in Daura for a university in Daura. The next university would be in my village. There is a popular saying while we were growing up, that charity begins at home. Will my own begin abroad?

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“The president does not listen to anybody. He doesn’t care. You can write what you want to write. Does he read? I was flying with him in the aircraft and we saw a news report where a goat seller was complaining that he couldn’t sell his goats during Sallah because of Buhari’s administration. And the president said what my business with goat sellers is?”

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed however dismissed the viral audio, describing it as a plot by the PDP to break the ruling party’s ranks.