It’s not a funny day for Nigerians abroad as one has been arrested for destroying Buddhist statues at

Emmanuel Uba lives in Hannan, Osaka. The statues he destroyed are valued at 80,000 yen each.

On July 11, 2018, similar damages were discovered at the Jinen Cemetery, about two kilometers away from the Tottori cemetery.

However, the Police have so far only arrested Emmanuel Uba for the damage of those statues while they examine whether he did similar things at Tottori Cemetery, where 300 gravestones were broken and those at Jinen cemetery. Sankei Sports reports that the police pegs the time of commission around July 15, 2018.

The tourist activities at the Tottori Cemetery is about to take a hit during this August holiday season — it attracts 5,000 tourists every August.

Further details of the damage measures the 300 broken gravestones at 1.7 meters high. Asides those, 7 Jizo statues were also destroyed — these hold sentimental value as they symbolize protection of Children and unborn babies.