However, one thing has continued to elude her and that is getting a good man to walk her down the altar.

This has given her so much heartbreak and she is now desperately in search of a good man to be her husband.

Read her story here:

"My name is , a 40-year-old desperate woman who needs help. I never thought that it would get to a time that I will get to pour out my pains especially on a platform like this.

But I think desperate measures need desperate actions and with this mindset, I have decided to come out instead of dying in pains.

Without sounding immodest, I will say I am a self-made woman. I run my business and a director in more than four blue-chip companies. I have three houses and five cars but getting a man to walk me to the altar has been the most difficult thing to achieve.

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I am not ugly and I take good care of myself that I can pas for a 30-year-old woman, so I wonder why men are scared of me. The ones who come to me are either intimidated or fear I will look down on them.

But God knows that I have a heart of gold and I treat any man I go into a relationship with like a king. I make sure I give him everything; my body, heart and money just so he will not feel intimidated but in the end, they will use and dump me.

I am tired of being the Chairlady during my siblings' weddings. I also want to get married but there is no man who is ready to take me the way I am.

In the past, there have been two men who seemed very serious but in the end, they would go the way of others, leaving me heartbroken but I have always had a forgiving heart and willing to give someone a chance.

I have gone for deliverance in several churches where I would spend so much money, go through assignments and fasting so as to get a husband but in the end, I would end up disappointed.

It has gotten so bad that my people snicker behind me, calling me a man or say that I am so haughty that men run away from me.

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In my quiet times, I cry my eyes out, wondering if God is still alive and I was not meant to experience the joys of marriage and motherhood. I am a staunch Catholic and having a child out of wedlock is surely out of the way.

I am tired of being single and with menopause staring me in the face, I am desperately in need of a man to call my own. Is there a good man out there? Please get in touch with Pulse and they will contact me.


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What do you think Daniella should do to get a man of her own?

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Daniella should not be desperate as a good man will surely come her way - 39%

Daniella should take her problems to God - 19%

Daniella should not show a man that she is rich - 22%

Daniella should get pregnant and raise her child alone - 20%

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