On November 4, 2018, video of a defiant young girl, holding a bottle of popular herbicide,

As the news built up, sources confirmed that the young girl being interrogated in the video was named Taibat and she had poisoned a family of five; a since-deceased grandmother and her hospitalized grandchildren in critical condition with NO PEST she can be seen carrying in the video. Only God knows what got into her.

In the video since published on Instablog9ja, where Taibat showed no remorse, despite the atrocity she had committed, she claims she committed the crime because the unnamed grandmother had not given her out of the vegetable soup she ate with her grandchildren.

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Taibat also confessed the reason the grandmother refused to give her out of the vegetable soup she poisoned as punishment for stealing crayfish. She also reports that the victims started purging and vomiting, shortly after consuming the poison.

She further claims she was happy and fulfilled when she saw her targets vomiting and purging, but claims she never wanted to kill anyone, but only make the food bitter.

Watch the video here;