Despite the hatred and distrust by many South Africans on Nigerians living in their country, this lady,

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Mtoshfeni who lives in King Williams Town in Eastern Cape, took to a Nigerian Facebook portal, Nigerians in South Africa & Friends Forum, to post her heart desire, making it clear that she has always wanted to date a Nigerian man but had been scared of what her people will say.

She added that now, she has come of age and would not mind dating or marrying a Nigerian man as long as she is happy with her choice and does not care what anyone says any longer.

Read what Mtshofeni posted on the Forum:

"I've never dated a Nigerian man before. Always been scared of what people will say. But funny enough, I love them and would like to marry one. Kinda crazy hey, but now am ready.

F**ck what people will say. If I am happy, who cares?"

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Hey, guys, what are you waiting for? Is there any Nigerian guy willing to date or marry Mtshofeni, she is very open and ready to mingle.