He said this on Friday, January 11, 2019, in a post on Facebook. In his comment, he distinguished gay men as a group that devote time to personal grooming.

For this reason, straight men should be flattered when patronized.

"You should count yourself lucky if we do," Bisi Alimi says to resisters of free expression for gay people.

In November 2018, the gay rights activist chatted with Pulse following the backlash of his comment stating that there is "no shame in selling sex".

According to Alimi, the desire to do so should not be subjected to any criticism but this is hardly the case.

 "I strongly believe that men and women who want to sell sex should know there is no shame in it.

"We should never forget the law of demand and supply. We all pretend as if our everyday sexual interactions are not transactional.

"Even the simple desire to have sex for pleasure, baby or power is situated in the 'prostitution', the human desire to seek pleasure of an end result," Pulse gathered in the chat.