Lacking parental care has led to a setback for a

On Saturday, June 9, 2018, the police arrested Obong and his gang after the owner of the business Joseph Attoh put a call to the police.

According to Punch News, the gang made away with N2 million at gun point.

Isaac Obong who is 18 years old explained how he was introduced to a life of robbery when  Southern City News questioned him.

He got nabbed on his first attempt.

“This is the first time I am going into big-time robbery. My parents are dead and I have been catering for myself all alone. We were recruited on the street to join in the operation.

“I was on my way back from work when they recruited me. I vulcanise tyres. We were not actually with guns, we were only asked to be on the watch out.

"We were caught while the other robbers with guns escaped. We were not given any money," says Obong who was with gang member Daniel James, as young he is.

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The frustration that has come along with feeding led him to the path of stealing though it wasn't his primary goal.

Things are still difficult for James who still has it mother unlike Isaac Obong.

“I lost my father some years ago and that was how I crashed out of secondary school.

"After dropping out, I am currently learning how to repair vehicle radiator. I had just returned from work on that fateful day and on getting home my mother said there was no food in the house.

“I went to my brother’s barbing shop to inform him of the situation at home but on my way back, this Isaac friend came with some people and they forced me to join them.

"They (the armed robbers) insisted that they would kill me if I do not join them. I had no option but to join them. This is my first robbery attempt and I was forced to join them," the teen narrated.

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Cross River State police commissioner Mr Hafiz Inuwa paraded 50 other persons alongside the gang comprising of the teens and another Ofonime Ukpong.

The trio were apprehended after the police visited their residence.

Search warrants executed at the their homes yielded a confession from the suspects who will soon be arraigned in court according to police chief Inuwa.