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“Last year, Minister of Science and Technology accompanied, by a team including the Vice Chairman of NASENI visited the Indonesia Ministry of Research and Technology and Technology Development Agency and the Agency for Nuclear Energy and the state-owned company that produces arm and ammunition and produce aircraft.

“During their visit, they discussed developing an MoU but it is still in the process because of technical issues; the Nigerian side needs to secure the calculations, estimations of the value of every project in every state while Indonesia is not providing the value and Nigeria needs it because they want to put on their budget for next year.

“They are in the process of discussing how the draft MoU will look like and be signed.”

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According to the envoy, officials expressed interest in the various ways nuclear science can develop other sectors and impact on the daily lives of Nigerians.

He added that the concept of nuclear science and technology “is not complicated and can be done by developing countries like Nigeria”.

The envoy said that the Federal Government also expressed interest in extending the partnership to the development of small aircrafts in Nigeria.