2 babies have died in Mexico, and 29 others hospitalised following suspected adverse reactions to shots from the country's national vaccination program.

Mexican Social Security Institute says 6 of the hospitalised 29 babies remain in a serious condition.

According to CNN Mexico, the parents of the 2 deceased infants were so outraged at the government that they refused to let authorities perform autopsies.

In a statement from the institute, the illnesses were reported after 52 children from the rural mining community of La Pimienta were given vaccines for tuberculosis, rotavirus and Hepatitis B on Friday.

According to residents of the community, the vaccinations were offered Friday when officials came to the community and announced over loudspeakers that vaccines would be given to newborns.

Later that night, 31 of the children "presented adverse reactions presumably associated with the application of these vaccines"

Local Mexican media reports that while authorities haven't said what they think caused the illnesses, they've pinpointed the batches the vaccines came from and have suspended administration of other vaccines from those batches pending the conclusion of their investigation.

They're also investigating the needles used in the vaccinations and the possibility that a virus or bacteria could have caused the illnesses.

In the meantime,  officials said the state's governor and the director general of the Mexican Social Security Institute visited the hospitalized children, vowing to support their families and to be transparent as they continued their investigation.