Reports say about 16 young persons have died in Saburi 1 village, Abuja after complaining of headache and stomach ache.

According to , Son of the village Chief, Alhaji Halidu Mohammed confirmed the death of 16 persons within the ages of 10 and 25 years in the last two weeks.

He also stated that all victims died before they could be taken Kubwa General Hospital or Garki General Hospital.

"Families of the deceased persons came to the palace that their sons and daughters complain of headache and stomach pains and died just like that before they could reach Kubwa General Hospital or Garki General Hospital.

"We do not have big hospital in our community except for few private ones that look more or less like chemists.

"The chief invited some medical experts from town to come and uncover the cause of the sudden deaths but the Doctors could not pin the headache or stomach pains to any sickness or disease,"Halidu says.

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Speaking to Alhaji Ibrahim Nuhu, a father who lost two of his daughters to the mysterious headache and stomach pain explained that the sickness was sudden and before they could get to the hospital they died.

"My senior daughter Aminat complained of headache and we administered paracetamol on her thinking that it would subside after some minutes but it did not. We then decided to go to hospital for proper examination and treatment but before we got to the hospital Aminat died on the way," Nuhu said.

"We were gathered after four days for a prayer session for the late when her junior sister, , started complaining of a similar pain and she died almost immediately. It was a terrible blow on me and their mother."

Joshua Abuwata, another man who lost his son, 16 to the mysterious illness said his son started complaining of headache which he assumed was just a minor thing, so gave him paracetamol.

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"When he started staring into the atmosphere without uttering a word or responding to me, it dawned on me that something was indeed wrong. I held him, yet he did not say a word. He went inside the kitchen served himself food but he could not locate where his mouth was and therefore mired his whole face with soup."

"At that point, l knew it was very serious, so l cleaned him up to take him to the hospital only for him to drop dead. I have never seen or experienced such death in my life."

Similarly, in Lagos the mysterious illness that killed over 20 children has been identified as measles.