Ekiti State Governor,

Fayose and his entourage stormed some streets in the capital city with goodies like cake and cash, which were distributed to the residents who trooped out to celebrate with the Governor.

According to Fayose's spokesman, Lere Olayinka, who posted pictures from the celebration on his Facebook page, market women and passers-by shouted 'Oshoko', 'Oshoko' as they queued to receive the Governor's birthday gifts.

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Speaking on his gesture, Fayose said: "It is a show of love to my people, we can't sit in the government house and enjoy the comfort of the office without remembering them, I got a lot of gifts on my birthday, cakes, yam tubers, cows, rice and so on, how many can I eat? How many clothes can I wear at a time?

"It is just normal, just good for me to go back to the street and give it back to the people that put me in the government house, this is my style, this is me naturally, just that this time around it is more elaborate moving from one junction to the other to ensure about 500 persons per junction get something small on my birthday.

"The more people you can touch, the better for your life today and tomorrow, these are the set of people that will never walk into the government house asking for contract, asking for help, they will not even be allowed to get in unless the governor leave the comfort of his office to come and meet with them wherever they are and that is exactly what I am doing.

"This are the people that employed us into the office, they should not be abandoned for one minute, we must stay with them continuously at every opportunity."

See photos from the celebration in the gallery above.