The publisher of Ovation magazine,

He said “Any attempt to gag us will fail. It will never happen. Abacha tried it and failed. Any attempt by any government to stop social media will fail. It is not about protests in the streets, or security agents going after you. Some of us fled this country during Abacha.“

Adding that “I was involved with Freedom Radio, sometimes we had to broadcast using the phone. But with the social media, from your room, you can talk to millions of people and no one can stop you.”

He also described social media as the greatest invention ever made by man.

Momodu also said “I started using Social media in 2010, Facebook was the most common one then, When I got on Twitter not long after, I actually asked people to manage my account. I just past instruction that I want an announcement on the micro-blogging platform and it is carried out. ‘’

“But by January 2012, during the fuel subsidy protests, I realised how powerful the 140 character on Twitter has when I decided to reach out to a lot of people as I was the only one who carried a banner and protested in London, US, Ghana and Nigeria. I had about 13, 000 followers when I took over the management of the Twitter account; since then I have been addicted.

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“The power of the social media is huge; you can reach millions in seconds. We are witnesses’ to what the change agents of the All Progressives Congress were able to do with the candidature of President Buhari,” Momodu said.

The Ovation publisher was recently involved in a