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Joan On Sex Is asking my wife for sex everyday too much?

Why do men seem to always complain when they can't get sex? Is the fault from the women... every time?

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Joan On Sex: How much sex are husbands expected to have in marriage? play

Joan On Sex: How much sex are husbands expected to have in marriage?

Man worries if having sex every day in his marriage is bad. Is it? play

Man worries if having sex every day in his marriage is bad. Is it?


Hello there Joan. I'm Simon and I'm 45 years old. I'm a hugely active sexual person and I love having sex or making love to my wife of six years. She used to be great in bed and very spontaneous but in the last one year, she's been complaining that I love sex too much. She denies me sex too claiming she's not in the mood. It's getting too much and annoying. Am I asking for too much? Should I be worried?

Dear Simon

I agree with you, Sex is Good but I also feel its suppose to be a two way thing. Without trying to justify your pretty wife's denial, sometimes women turn to close up on sex after having babies and more marital responsibilities. But they also ask for it sometimes which I think she has. Please exercise patience and do stuff to remind her of the good old sexy days instead of looking for options to cheat on her. Also sit down with her and have a conversation. With this you will know why she's acting this way.

Hello Joan, Is it right for a woman to deny her man sex when he is in need of it? What will be the man's alternative if he does not want to beat her up or attract the neighbors? Please I need your advice. Thanks, I'm Aniemeka.

Dear Aniemeka

It is right and not right for her to deny you sex but I believe it's also about understanding each others moods at a particular time. Sex is not by forced else you will be raping her. So I advice, you try to understand her moods and help her get her groove back. Violence is NEVER an option.

Hi Joan, Ifeoma is my name and I am 24. I have a boyfriend who claims he can't have sex before marriage. He claims he loves me and we've been together for a year now but still no sex. Now, I am confused because what if after being married, he can't satisfy me? What do I do? For me sex counts a lot in marriage and honestly, I can get a divorce if it's not done right!

Dear Ifeoma

OMG! What is wrong with that guy? Is he a born-again or what? Ok, calm down. He could have his reasons why he wants to preserve himself for his marriage. But is it that he's NEVER had sex ever? If so, I'll be scared too! But then again, you love him so be cool. He could be keeping the best for the last!


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