Contrary to what has been in circulation in the past week, M.I Abaga's new single, 'King James' will not be on his upcoming album.

The track 'King James', which was released earlier this week, with an attendant photo shoot, and leadership social awareness, had received mixed reviews, and many had expected it to be a lead single in M.I's new album.

The Chocolate City rapper speaking at the 'King James Photo Exhibition and Leadership Event', has debunked the speculations, revealing that the single is a non-profit project, designed to create awareness, and inspire social change.

He told the media: “Shout out to Audu Maikori who put his money into this. The 'King James' single is not a track off my new album. It is a single designed for social change, to get us to think. Lagos marketers hardly put money into what they will not profit from, but Audu Maikori did.'

M.I Abaga's forthcoming album is titled 'Chairman', and is due out this year.